Cliff Strike


What happens when you wring out a washcloth in space?

New York City from space(via Gizmodo)


(via NPR Fresh Air)

12 O'Clock Boys at SXSW

Pug, a thirteen year old boy living on a dangerous Westside block, has one goal in mind: to join the 12 O’Clock Boys; the notorious urban dirt-bike gang of Baltimore. Converging from all parts of the inner city, they invade the streets and clash with police, who are forbidden to chase the bikes for fear of endangering the public. Pug looks to the pack for mentorship, spurred by their dangerous lifestyle. He narrates their world as if explaining a dreamscape, complemented with unprecedented, action-packed coverage of the riders in their element, guided by the riders themselves as they take to the streets and clash with Police. The film presents the pivotal years of change in a boy’s life growing up in one of the most dangerous and economically depressed cities in the United States.

The Hairdresser

This guy kept it simple, and from the looks of it was able to build a booming business.

Start where you are...

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

Average commute times mapped

Considering Los Angles has not-so-hot public transportation, I’m pretty amazed that the average commute time is only a few minutes higher than the national average (29.4% vs. 25.5% respectively). That being said, I hate my commute. But I love my job. So the days of riding the freeway from end to end are numbered.

How Search Works - The Story – Inside Search – Google

All this happens in 1/8th of a second.

Lyndon Johnson Buys Pants

It’s like riding a wire fence.