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Jamelle Bouie discusses the issue of diversity in tech journalism in this thoughtful, enlightening and well tempered article.

…the community of people who use and love technology is large and diverse. We should want the community of people who write about it to mirror that diversity. We have nothing to lose, and a huge wealth of perspectives and experiences to gain.

Goruck GR1

January 7th, 2013

I recently purchased a Goruck GR1 backpack, and I love it. It’s hands down the best backpack bag I’ve ever owned.

It took me over a year to pull the trigger on making the purchase. The price point isn’t quite the norm for a backpack, but now after owning one, I see it’s completely justified. Even after I decided I’d purchase, I contemplated both the Radio Ruck and GR2 before I made my final decision. The Radio Ruck and GR2 being smaller and larger than the GR1 respectively both seemed like excellent packs, but wouldn’t fit my desired all purpose use like the GR1.

Carrying a laptop daily, and often times riding a sport-bike with the pack, I had major concerns with the stability of it on my back as I’d ride. In addition, having a compact profile while I’m on the bike in both a tucked position and more upright cruising position were important to me. The GR1 made these concerns non-issues. I suspect the single biggest contributor to the ergonomics is the frame sheet that is flush against the wearers back in the laptop/hydration-pack compartment. Considering the laptop is stored flush against the back, the feel of the bag doesn’t really change with different loads which is great.

Overall, this is just a solidly built bag. And even though I’m pretty gentle with my GR1, I have no doubt I could trash it, and it still hold up like a champ.

Have a look at the GR1 Explained article by Jason, the founder of Goruck.

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